Clean Facts read the fine print

Read The Fine Print

From Andrea Veasquez, Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist Andrea is Customer Interface Manager with Aseptic Health. Among other duties, Andrea handles inquiries from Aseptic Health customers across the country and assists our network of Certified SanitizeIT® Operators. For many years, Andrea was Vice President of Business Development for a major design and construction company in Chicago. In…

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Clean Facts hydrogen peroxide to clean carpet

Hydrogen Peroxide Not for Disinfection

3 Strikes And Your Out by Gus Scannapieco, Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist While researching information for our Disinfection Tips, I kept running across industry leaders touting the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection…from veterinarians and other healthcare professionals to carpet cleaners. While Hydrogen Peroxide has a low toxicity rating, it is acidic and highly corrosive.…

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